Registration of Interest

Please scroll below to read about how you can register your interest in the Viaggiare Society of Italia and secure a potential invitation to 1 of 8 regional societies. Note: Registration does not guarantee an invitation.

Registration Overview

Offices visits will be scheduled for the explanation and viewing of the schedule of properties, the reservation policies, the membership deposit model overview (including the annual dues), the amenities, and the overviews of the hospitality and property maintenance during your stay.

Viaggiare Management will be developing interest and will be receiving applications over a period before distributing invitations to founders simultaneously. Once invitations are distributed, member prospects will have 4 weeks to accept or decline.

Founders will then have significant input along with the Invitation Committee and Viaggiare Management in selecting the balance of the memberships.

Please fill out the entire form below for membership consideration

A Word From Our Founder

What an incredible time to organize the very best in travel and lifestyle accommodations throughout Italy. A love affair with the many regions of Italy, in combination with access to the very best in food, wine, golf and experiences, is what founded the building of the Viaggiare Society of Italy. We look forward to presenting this new lifestyle to our Members, their families, friends, and business associates. 

– Nathaniel Crosby,
Founder, Viaggiare Society of Italia