The Italian region of Puglia is known for its Byzantine eastern influence. Throughout the region, so many Greek influences can be seen within the province. The towns of Bari, Albarello, Polignano del Mare, Ostuni, Monopoli, Trani, and the magnificent Roman town of Lecce are all so worthwhile and are in proximity to multitudes of beaches, marinas, wineries and quality golf.

The History

Here, thousands of years ago, the Romans planted olive groves to sustain their society. Many of these groves are still active and dominate the agricultural landscape of the peninsula.

The Opportunity

Masserias also abound as many grand villas were, over time, converted into boutique hotels or what the Italians call Masserias to support their significant maintenance costs. It is the intent of Viaggiare Management to again repurpose these great properties back into individually owned estates for members use.

It is possible that with the right opportunity, Viaggiare may acquire certain Masserias that would allow members to congregate simultaneously. This would create more accessibility for members to the universal network of properties.