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The Viaggiare Society will be organizing the best properties throughout Italy through the recruitment of nine (9) separate regional societies targeting different geographies of Italy. Twelve (12) properties will be acquired through the population of each of the nine (9) separate societies.

Some of Italy’s finest and most expensive properties will be organized into a residential membership network. Members will be able to explore Italy by accessing some of the most magnificent estates, farmhouses, lake and sea view villas, city apartments and golf villas.

With a schedule for twelve (12) properties in nine (9) regions averaging ten million dollars ($10,000,000) the Viaggiare Societies will comprise a network of Italy’s finest properties. Large estates will be able to accommodate multiple families or multitudes of traveling companions, and will be complemented with a number of smaller villas that would be more comfortable for a single family or couple.

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Country & Vineyard Estates

Live Italy by experiencing the endless wine-tasting opportunities throughout Italy. Viaggiare Management will schedule Country and Vineyard Estates in the Tuscany, Umbria, and Piedmont regions with the possibility of other regions such as Marche and Emilia Romagna.

Sea View Villas

Live Italy by boating and sailing from one historic breathtaking town to another. Members may enjoy boating Naples Bay amid The Amalfi coastal towns, the Isle of Capri, the Isle of Ischia and the famous city of Naples without the traffic snarls.

Lake View Villas

Live Italy by boating on Northern Italy’s magnificent lakes including Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, and Lake Garda. Viaggiare Management has lake view properties scheduled in these areas and possibly other lakes which will likely have luxury boats available to member occupants for pleasure cruising from town to town under the towering shadows of the southern alps.

Farmhouses & Golf Cottages

Live Italy by experience the golf courses that Viaggiare Management has identified as being worthy of its memberships. Most of the Italian Golf courses are generally uncrowded and golf farmhouses are intended to be part of the Viaggiare property scheduled to facilitate many members that are likely to be Golf Aficionado’s. 

Mountain Chalets & Cabins

Live Italy by hiking and skiing The Dolomites which depict some of the most glamorous backdrops that the world has to offer. Here, the canvas coordinates pristine villages and towns that are scattered in a noncontiguous fashion up the valley roads. Boutique hotels, bistros, wine bars, and chalets, make up each of charming settlements which offer separate and distinct views from each setting.

Ski Chalets & Cabins

Cabins throughout the better known to most as The Dolomites will be coordinated in certain regions. This will allow members to reserve time in the winter for ski trips that would normally be deemed as bucket list once in a lifetime events. Properties will be recruited to coordinate with the towns that are along the Dolomite Super Ski destination that allows for alpine enthusiasts to ski from resort to resort and town to town through an intricate tram system. This European ski feature creates a more remote, rustic ski experience with enormous expanses. Finding your way back becomes the priority after lunch!


The Italian region of Puglia is known for its Byzantine eastern influence. Throughout the region so many Greek influences can be seen with throughout the province. The towns of Bari, Albarello, Polignano del Mare, Ostuni, Monopoli, Trani, and the magnificent Roman town of Leece are all so worthwhile and are in proximity to multitudes of beaches, marinas, wineries and quality golf.

Masserias abound as many grand villas were converted into boutique hotels. It is the intent of Viaggiare Management to again repurpose these great properties back into individually owned estates for members use.

Live Italy Culture & Lifestyle

Enjoy the day trips between Viggiare venues which could entail scenic trips from Rome to Tuscany, Sardinia to Liguria by ferry, Venice to the Dolomites, the Amalfi Coast to Puglia, Lake Maggiore to Portofino, Milan to Turin or countless other variations.

Try your hand at cooking classes whether taking a day trip to well know schools that are renowned or to recruit a chef to give your family and guests personal lessons in pasta making and special cuisines from the area.

Live Italy by making distinct memories in different locations properties and family trips and excursions that are permanently etched into one’s memory and that become so dear and meaningful throughout life to all generations involved.

Live Italy Lifestyle

Having multiple homes means having multiple jobs. Viaggiarre Management is targeting a network of Italy’s most expensive properties and best destinations to offer a new and improved lifestyle for the ultra-affluent.

Personal Reservation Agents

This lifestyle will include personal reservation agents to help you access the preferable destination, your desired length of stay, and the travel accommodations once you get there. A concierge team will greet you and offer a hands free, management free, stay during your trip. There will be three assigned reservation agents to manage each one-hundred-and-twenty-member society. They will be versed in personal preferences, destination preferences, desired length of stay, number of family members or guests, activity requests, and facilitate the best possible vacation stay.

The Viaggiare Concierge

Hands Free Management Free. It’s known that owning a vacation property is akin to taking on another job. The target member prospect can easily afford to travel with and bring their own staff should they desire to do so. It is however the intent of Viggiare Management to organize a 5-star hospitality team that accompanies the network of some of Italy’s finest properties and destinations that offers each member a team of capable people that can deliver the optimal lifestyle experience and maximizing your stay.

The Viaggiare concierge will coordinate housekeeping, grocery shopping, in house chefs, event planning, transportation, boating, daycare, wine tasting, golf tee times, cultural tours, limo service, and any other conceivable need within reason.

On site property managers will have complete knowledge of each residence and its intricacies and be on hand to fix any issues in real time.


Let your personal reservation agent assist you in taking advantage of the lenient reservation policies that encourage members to pioneer different parts of Italy and their unique lifestyles. Members may plan extended trips to multiple venues so that the trip encompasses the many world-famous destinations throughout Italy.

Taking advantage of the reciprocity allowing members to enjoy different regions of Italy is the best way to use the Viaggiare Membership. Members may plan extended trips to multiple venues so that the trip encompasses the many world-famous destinations throughout Italy.

Transportation days between venues could entail scenic limo rides from Rome to Tuscany, Venice to the Dolomites or Turin to San Remo or Lake Maggiore to Portofino or Milan to Lake Como – and so many other variations within the network of destinations.

Travel between destinations can be an experience as the two-lane backroads and old highways meander through the vineyards and agrotourism areas, taking you through or near the thousands of ancient towns that are off the beaten path. Each of the towns, regardless of size, have their own story. To maximize the membership offering is to take advantage of the reciprocity and book multiples of destinations throughout the year to explore all of Italy.

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