Lake View Villas

Live Italy by boating on Northern Italy’s magnificent lakes including Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, and Lake Garda. Viaggiare Management has lake view properties scheduled in these areas and possibly other lakes which will likely have luxury boats available to member occupants for pleasure cruising from town to town under the towering shadows of the southern alps.

Lake Como

Lake Como is the smallest of the three major lakes in Italy at just over twenty-eight miles long, and over two miles wide in the shape of an inverted Y. Its southern border is just thirty – five minutes from Milan’s Malpensa International Airport and forty minutes from Central Milan.

Viaggiare Members may cruise from Como to Cernobbio for lunch at Villa de Estee or skipping from Menaggio to Bellagio and Dongo for a day of shopping and dining while exploring different mountain views from the northern boundaries of Lake Como.

The George Clooney inflator factor is the theory that when the global icon and movie star George Clooney purchased the Villa Oleandra in the northwest side of the lake in 2001, property prices jumped in the area and has perhaps made Lake Como slightly more expensive than its neighboring lakes.

The Lakes

Lake Maggiore is just under sixty-five miles long and two to three miles wide. To Viaggiare members, boating Lake Maggiore could mean taking a trip from Stresa to Verbena, or head north to Ghiffa, the Cannero Riviera, Cannobio, Germignaga, or even take the entire length of the lake across the Swiss border to Locarno.

Lake Garda is over thirty-two miles long and up to ten miles wide making it the largest of the Italian lakes. It borders the Lombardy region to its southwest, the Veneto region to its southeast, and Trento Alta Adige to its north which is at the entrance to the Dolomites.

The Experience

Boating trips to the various towns could include a trip across the lake from Sa’lo to Garda, or it could be a trip to the northern end of the lake to explore the medieval castle in Malcesine, followed by a picnic on the beach or mountain hiking in Torbole, followed by some afternoon cocktails at any of the multiples of five-star hotels in Riva del Garda.  at the entrance to the Dolomites. Perhaps members would boat to the thin peninsula of Sirmione for their thermal spas or explore the 13th century Castel Scaligero in the city center or head to the Veneto side for a wine festival in Peschiera del Garda or Bardolino.

Accessing so many of these worthwhile lake front villages and towns can be done by car, especially when you have a driver, but to experience these world-renowned lakes by boat would be the recommended mode of transportation.