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To Live Italy is to enjoy day trips between Viaggiare venues which could entail scenic trips from Rome to Tuscany, Sardinia to Liguria by ferry, Venice to the Dolomites, the Amalfi Coast to Puglia, Lake Maggiore to Portofino, Milan to Turin or countless other variations. If possible, take the time to see all of Italy by taking the scenic highways – which in many cases are the remnants of ancient trails and trade routes that created so many cities, ancient towns and sights exist. For added incentive, know that there are likely world class wineries along the way.

Live Italy: Culture

To live in Italy is to tour Rome and celebrate the origins of western civilization by taking in the spectacles that still exist from the historic eras that marked the launch of the world as we know it. When you take in the sights of The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and The Sistine Chapel, St Peters Square, the Trevi Fountain and nearly one thousand cathedrals that are on display within the city’s walls. Think back to their times of origin to tie yourself to those who came some one hundred generations ago to best digest these recognized landmarks that are compressed within a two-mile diameter that ties our culture to theirs from over two thousand years ago.

Live Italy when you go to Florence see The Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, The Uffizi Galleries with Botticelli’s finest works, and the incredible Michelangelo’s seventeen-foot-tall Statue of David.

Live Italy when you first tour the famous Duomo, or gaze at Davinci’s Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazia or take in an opera at The La Scala in Milan.

Live Italy when you tour St Marks Basilica or the Piazza San Marcos in Venice.

Live Italy by taking the time to be somewhat versed before you see these cherished relics that have been studied and surveyed by students’ teachers, art enthusiasts and tourists for centuries so that you can look for and identify the most important pieces when you see them.

To understand the players of the day, their motivations, their ambitions, and their successes and failures will lead you to a path where you can visualize these great emperors, politicians, artists, Pope’s and common men that created one of the great civilizations that man has ever known. Embrace the histories of generations past and conjure up what life must have been like for the heroes and the laymen of the day.

To be exposed to these monumental works of art and the world’s most important relics as a lifestyle will encourage most to seek more information about our world’s distant past and why we are still so engaged with their traditions and beliefs.

Enjoy reading and series watching of the vast number of books, movies and miniseries of Roman and Italian histories to better understand the hallways, small hillside towns, the major cities, the conquerors and heroes, the artists and their heirlooms, along with the historical landmarks that decorate this narrow geography and can tell some of the stories of the last twenty-five centuries. Program the attractions that you want to explore. Let these monuments reach out to you as they beg your interest.

The Cuisine

Try your hand at cooking classes, whether taking a day trip to well-know schools that are renowned, or to recruit a chef to give your family and guests personal lessons in pasta making and special cuisines from the area. One also may sneak into the kitchen during the preparations of private in-house dining that can be orchestrated and steal the secrets of the recruited chef!

Distinct Memories

Live Italy by making distinct memories in different locations, properties, and family trips and excursions that are permanently etched into one’s memory and that become so dear and meaningful throughout life to all generations involved. These experiences bridge the generational gaps between children, parents, and grandparents offering these lasting recollections that become a cherished part of one’s soul. Trips where all involved are sequestered into an enclave can only make family ties stronger.

Taking clients and friends on extended trips is likely part of the agenda for many members as these “bucket list trips” will wind up being annual permanent relationship builders for many members wanting to take friends and business clients on different excursions each year. Having access to the network of Italy’s finest properties will offer members the opportunity showcase loyalty to lifelong friends, strengthen the bond for new friends or acquaintances, and develop prospective clients amid different backdrops of Italy’s world-class destinations.

Hands Free Management

Let your personal reservation agent assist you in taking advantage of the lenient reservation policies that encourage members to pioneer different parts of Italy and their unique lifestyles. Members may plan extended trips to multiple venues so that the trip encompasses the many world-famous destinations throughout Italy.